1909 H.M. King Rehabilitation Project  
"Preservation IS Education!  Help Keep Mrs. King's Dream Alive!"

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May 2013

The rehabilitation of the 1909 H.M. King High School is well under way and stabilization and renovation of the building has begun, to include the following:

Asbestos remediation has been completed and the inside of the structure has been totally cleaned out.

The tile roof has been reconstructed with all new frames and rafters.  Many of the original tiles have been reused.  The company that supplied the original tiles is still in business and provided extra tiles for the construction.

Demolition and removal of the added "Laser Building" classrooms to the southwest of the building has been completed. 

The 2 sets of front doors have been taken to a company in Corpus for reconstruction.

The windows are on order and should arrive for installation around June. These will replicate the windows that were present in 1925, when the building was rebuilt after the fire.

Preparation of the interior space plan for City Hall is nearly complete.

The City of Kingsville is also in negotiations with Kingsville ISD to acquire additional land and buildings surrounding the Old High School.

The anticipated completion date of the restoration is January 1, 2015. At that time, Kingsville City Hall personnel will be able to move in.

At the completion of fund-raising efforts, the $2 million pledged in matching funds by the City of Kingsville will be awarded.  

Please continue to check back for updates on our progress!

Old High School ready and awaiting the arrival of new windows.

Computer rendering of the rehabilitated building.

Aerial view during the reconstruction of the roof.


Aerial view of newly contructed roof.
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